The members of Cobden House Chambers criminal team have all individually decided not to accept instructions in any case which falls under the recently implemented revised AGFS scheme – namely, any Crown Court defence case for which a representation order was issued on or after 1st April 2018.They have also decided to take part in other co-ordinated events, such as days of action, as and when scheduled.

These decisions have been made following the recommendation of the Criminal Bar Association with reference to the continuing refusal of the Ministry of Justice to provide a proper level of funding for the work done by barristers and higher court advocates in Crown Court criminal cases, but also form part of the team's ongoing support for our solicitor and other colleagues as they seek proper investment in other vital areas of the criminal justice system. In no sense,have these decisions been taken lightly.

It goes without saying that the criminal team at Cobden House Chambers continue to value our association and working relationships with all of our instructing solicitors deeply and are committed to working in the best interests of all our clients at all times. We ask that the decisions of each member of our team be understood and accepted in this light.
It is the personal decision of every member of the legal profession how to proceed in his or her professional affairs and we respect the views of others who choose to take a different course.

Any further enquiries should be directed, in the first instance, to our criminal clerking team.