Abigail Holt carries out extended stay at the European Court of Justice 

In March 2018 Abigai Holt carried out an extended stay at the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in Luxembourg in the cabinet of the UK Advocate General Eleanor Sharpston. Abigail worked with the small team of UK referendaires (expert lawyers) who support the work of the Advocate General and assist in the preparation of the AG’s opinions to the Court. 

Abigail fully participated in the work of the cabinet including: cabinet briefings (which were held partly in French), attending hearings of the Grande Chamber (the highest Court in Europe), taking part in discussions on the cases being prepared in the cabinet, reviewing documents (including in French and Spanish) and doing legal research.

Abigail worked on cases involving a range of subject matters, including: Employment and discrimination; Competition; VAT and tax; EU trademarks; and farming/agriculture.  

The period at the ECJ has given Abigail a direct and intimate knowledge of the structures and workings of the ECJ and EU law. This experience bolster’s Abigail's attendance at the short post-graduate course on EU law at Kings College, London (June 2017) and her judicial course on the application of the Fundamental Charter of Human Rights (Bucharest May 2017). Abigail also has 11 years experience in Immigration and asylum law, including EU citizens rights.

For further information about Abigail or any other aspect of chambers please contact the clerks at: 

[email protected]

0161 833 6021

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