David Maddison in 10 Day High Court Case

David Maddison has recently concluded a 10 day High Court hearing where he successfully argued that the court should change the child's residence from the mother to the father.

The case made headline news in most national newspapers because the mother was raising the boy as a girl.  From a very early age she had started to dress the boy in feminine clothes, and by the time the court changed residence he was living entirely as a girl.

The case involved the input of three guardians, two social workers and two child psychologists.  The court concluded that the father offered the best opportunity for the child to find his own identity.

Because of the significant press interest there was an application on behalf of the Mail on Sunday to report the details of the case. This required David to engage in two days of argument over the terms of a Reporting Restrictions Order.  As a consequence of these arguments the Judge ordered that the mother should not be allowed to speak to the press about the case as he believed the potential damage to the child of seeing his mother say that he had gender dysphoria (contrary to the experts' views) could be damaging to him.

It was also reported in the following newspapers:

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