We are aware of a number of bogus e-mails that have been received by individuals falsely claiming to be from Cobden House Chambers or Barristers from Cobden House Chambers. This is a practice known as “Phishing”.
Barristers’ names can be misused by others for illegitimate / fraudulent purposes.
Communications of this type appear to be part of a scam being orchestrated by someone using members of chambers' names illegally and without authorisation. 

If you have received such a communication it is strongly advised that you do not respond to it or communicate further with the person who sent the email.

Below is a link where attempted fraud attempts may be reported to the police:

If you wish to discuss any issues regarding fraudulent emails please contact:

Dan Monaghan

Deputy Senior Clerk / Practice Manager

Tel: 0161 833 6000 / Email: [email protected]

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