Landmark Win in Court of Appeal for Richard A. Hartley QC & Jonathan Boyle

At a High Court trial heard by Mrs Justice Swift in June 2008, Richard A. Hartley QC and Jonathan Boyle secured £4,500,000 in damages for Ben Collett, a former Manchester United footballer.

The award is thought to be the largest in a claim arising out of a sporting injury.

The Defendants obtained permission from the Court of Appeal. The hearing took place on 6th May 2009. Judgment was handed down this morning, unanimously dismissing the Defendants’ appeal.

In her leading judgment, Lady Justice Janet Smith held that the exceptional evidence called by the Claimant at trial justified the Judge’s approach to the assessment of damages. She went on to point out that the Judge at first instance had carefully balanced the uncertainties surrounding the Claimant’s future with the possibility that he might have gone on to enjoy an even more successful career.

A copy of the judgment can be downloaded here:


Richard A. Hartley QC and Jonathan Boyle specialise in Sports Related Law.

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