Manchester CJC – New Protocol for QB cases.

The head of our Personal Injury Team Marc Willems QC and senior clerk Christina Crook recently arranged a sub-committee meeting comprising solicitors and counsel here in chambers to canvass views on how Manchester CJC could improve the service they provide to court users and litigants. This sub-committee was formed at the request of His Honour Judge Bird (The Designated Civil Judge) who is very keen to improve the current system to benefit court users and encourage more cases to be issued through the CJC and to improve communication between the court and the users.

The committee has met on two occasions so far which has led to immediate improvements by the Court and positive feedback from the users with regards to the changes that have been made.

Also, as a result of the discussions at these meetings, the court have adopted a new protocol in relation to clinical negligence and personal injury cases with a stated value in excess of £200,000 which I have attached herewith. You will see that there will now be 6 specialist District Judges designated who will deal with this area of work and points of contact on each team whose details are listed in addition to a specific email address for correspondence which I am sure you will find extremely helpful and will improve the efficiency when dealing with the Court.

This new protocol (link below) will be adopted to all new cases issued through the CJC, however, the court have invited you to contact them with details of any current ongoing cases which meet the criteria so that they can consider requests for these cases to be assigned to the new protocol. This must be done using the transfer request form (link below) which must be emailed (not fax or post)to [email protected]



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