Marc Willems QC Appointed Head of Chambers

Cobden House Chambers announce that Richard Hartley QC is to step down as Head Of Chambers having completed his 4 year term in that post. Chambers wish to convey their huge thanks and gratitude to Richard for all his hard work and excellent leadership over his term as Head. Richard will now take over as Head of the Personal Injury Department in chambers and will continue to pursue his significant Catastrophic Injury practice. 

Chambers are pleased to announce that Marc Willems QC will take over the responsibility of Head of Chambers for a four year term having been elected unopposed.

Newly elected head Marc Willems says “Richard has been involved in the management of chambers for the best part of 15 years and we as a group owe him a huge debt of gratitude. He has been extremely generous in the time he has given managing the everyday issues that need attention and has always done so in good humour and without any thought of recognition for his efforts. He has led by example, as well, in the way he managed his heavy practice at the same time as being Head of Chambers. Luckily as the new Head of Chambers I will be able to seek his advice when necessary but I fully acknowledge that he will be a very difficult act to follow. The best thing I can do is to adopt his approach and attitude to help steer this wonderful group of Barristers to continued success. Richard embodies the ethos of Cobden House which is one of hard work and striving for excellence whilst remaining a friendly and welcoming place for those who work here and for those who come seeking our help. My goal is to carry that ethos forward whilst seeing the chambers grow organically."

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