Richard Hartley QC & Lee Nowland in £10M+ Settlement in Spinal Injury Case

Richard Hartley QC and Lee Nowland worked closely together on a case of a motorcyclist who was knocked off his bike by a car. 

The motorcyclist suffered spinal injuries which have left him wheelchair dependent for the rest of his life. When our barristers were instructed the car driver maintained that she was not at fault for the accident and detailed evidence reconstructing the accident circumstances was required and evidence gathered. 

Eventually, the fault was conceded by the Defendant and the case was listed for a trial on the amount of damages. The case has just settled before the need for a trial. 

The case required detailed analysis of career projections and of care, equipment and accommodation needs going forwards - as well as balancing the need for a large lump sum settlement with the need for Periodical Payments and Provisional damages to cater for future risks. This was a case of the utmost severity. 

Richard A. Hartley QC
Lee Nowland

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