Sarah Jameson Attends Women In Business Awards

Last Friday, in the wake of International Women’s Day, Sarah Jameson attended the Downtown in Business Women in Business Awards 2018.

The Awards are a recognition of female achievement in the region and are an opportunity for professionals to come together in a relaxed and upbeat atmosphere to do so. 

Sarah was lucky to be sat on a table with the Award’s keynote speaker, Diane Modahl. Diane is of course a Commonwealth champion, and is also Chair of Downtown in Manchester. Diane spoke about the importance of providing the opportunity to excel to those without traditional privilege. Growing up in Longsight in social housing, Diane worked hard to become the best version of herself. She also recognised the importance of her coach and running club recognising her potential. As someone who grew up in Manchester with the same background to Diane, what she said really resonated with Sarah. As the youngest member of Chambers and a new female barrister on circuit, she share the values of commitment, hard work and equal access to opportunity. 

Attending the Women in Business Awards (and dare the afterparty!) was a lot of fun. It was also a fabulous opportunity to champion female success in our region. 

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