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Operation Grayson

For the past three years Aaron Pulford has been counsel instructed on the largest Motor Fraud operation in the UK. The matter is proceeding to a series of consecutive trials throughout the Autumn 2023.

Over 100 people are alleged to have conspired to defraud a multinational company of millions of pounds, using a sophisticated web of crashes for cash. The legal case to determine this, is one of the largest fraud operations to ever come before the civil courts and has involved a series of complex evidential, strategic and procedural challenges.

Between 2019 and 2020 a sequence of seemingly innocuous road traffic collisions had been alleged to have occurred in a borough of London. These involved vehicles driven by employees of a multinational company. 12 employees were involved in over 50 accidents.

On initial investigation those employees had no connections to one another (besides their common employment) and had no apparent connection to the individuals with whom they collided. The drivers argued the accident frequency was attributable to the amount of driving they did.

The frequency of one claimant solicitor’s firm and one garage at which vehicles were stored attracted some curiosity.

Aaron Pulford was instructed to consider the likelihood of there being a widescale conspiracy, and the evidential, strategic, and procedural steps needed to uncover it.

The apparent involvement of employees and the potential risk to the public of company vehicles being used to stage accidents caused grave concerns for the company involved. There was also a real concern that publicity risked copycat fraud.

Mr Pulford devised an overarching strategy to be deployed consistently across what, by then, included 13 individually litigated cases and 30 outstanding claims – all claims were to be denied and actions pursued for the torts of deceit and conspiracy.

13 hard fought applications brought all of the litigated cases together for collective case management and trial. As Mr Pulford anticipated, several claimants sought to obscure their identities or discontinue their claims. It was imperative all claims were scrutinised together – no claimant was able to evade the consequences of their actions.

High Court contempt proceedings have been deployed where any individual has sought to subvert the disposal of the litigation.

The final hearings are due to commence in October 2023


Aaron Pulford was called to the Bar in 2008. Prior to joining chambers in 2019, Aaron worked for several leading national and multi-national law firms as an advocate and Professional Support Lawyer.

During his time as a Professional Support Lawyer Aaron was the technical expert for a multinational firm across 11 offices, specialising in industrial disease. Aaron also co-wrote several chapters of Bingham and Berrymans' Personal Injury and Motor Claims Cases 15th Edition.

Aaron has extensive experience acting for blue-chip insurers, companies, manufacturers and privately paying individuals at trials and all interlocutory hearings. Aaron is especially experienced at drafting and providing written and oral advice.

Within his personal injury practice area Aaron has experience in dealing with cases involving:

  • Complex fraud matters
  • Inquests;
  • Personality change and traumatic brain injuries;
  • Spinal injury claims;
  • Serious sexual assaults;
  • Harassment, sexual misconduct and work-place stress;
  • Personal injury claims involving complex commercial disputes regarding contractual indemnities and contribution claims;
  • Product liability resulting in disease
  • Emerging risk claims, (such as chemical exposure and acoustic shock in a large group litigation);
  • Environmental damage claims;
  • An appeal on the need to restore companies to perfect service (Joddrell v. Peaktone);
  • An appeal on the effect of part 36 to portal claims;
  • Complex NIHL claims addressing the limits of de minimus hearing loss; and
  • Short tail diseases such as dermatitis and WRULDs;
  • Asbestos related conditions.


Aaron’s expertise has been developed from having worked on a series of novel multi-party matters and incredibly complex cases throughout his career including:

  • a group action of NIHL claims against several police forces arising out of new technology which included commercial disputes with hardware providers;
  • a cross borders product liability group action relating to defective hip implants;
  • a group action involving hundreds of claims involving furniture-caused skin burns which included a cross border dispute;
  • a multi-company oil spill claim relating to the contamination of a water table;
  • a disability discrimination claim relating to the use of chip and sign bank cards;
  • Sexual assault allegations from within a major law firm;
  • A Companies Act appeal relating to disease claims;
  • Admiralty and cross border claims relating to international conventions;
  • A novel claim relating to whether acoustic shock syndrome was recoverable;
  • Catastrophic injury claims arising from road traffic collisions;
  • Several subtle brain injury claims resulting in catastrophic losses.

Aaron’s expertise includes advising on complex EL/PL claims, industrial disease claims (both short tail and long tail) and actions against the police and blue light services.

Aaron is currently instructed by several multinational companies in 2 major fraud rings involving hundreds of claims, both defending consolidated and separate actions and prosecuting claims against multiple participants in highly orchestrated conspiracies.

Aaron is happy to undertake claims on a conditional fee basis when appropriate. Aaron is always happy to discuss matters before the receipt of instructions.

In his spare time Aaron enjoys reading, cycling (in a casual way), rowing (in an even more casual way) and in an attempt in inject some culture into his life occasionally goes to the theatre. Aaron is learning to play the violin. When Aaron isn’t doing any of that, he can usually be found in his local independent ale house with friends.

For further information regarding Aaron’s expertise please do not hesitate to contact his clerks.

Testimonial Quotes

“Aaron has always been able to advise and assist with excellent attention to detail and clarity.

Aaron’s ability to cut through complex and unusual issues and accident circumstances has recently led to very favourable settlements for clients who were faced with blanket denials prior to Aaron’s involvement.

Aaron has a friendly and down-to-earth manner with those instructing him and his clients, whilst remaining forceful and compelling as an advocate."

Dominic Patching - Fletcher Day

“Aaron is our go to Barrister when defending fraudulent cases. Technically excellent, he is able to navigate around problems and provide innovative solutions to complex issues. A tenacious litigator, his cross examinations are a must see!”

Gary Petterson - Plexus Law

“Aaron always strives for the absolute best result, dealing with each brief passionately. His level of service, attention to detail and drive for each case is up there with the best at the junior Bar.”

Lorien Helm - Plexus Law

Aaron adopts a pragmatic and robust approach to defending fraudulent insurance claims. He provides detailed strategic advices in respect of complex fraud rings, claims in the torts of deceit and conspiracy and contempt actions against fraudulent parties. A highly-skilled advocate with formidable knowledge and unwavering dedication to his clients.

Laura East - Plexus Law

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