Business and Property

Cobden House Chambers’ Business and Property barristers provide expert advisory, drafting and advocacy services in all areas of Business and Property work. 

Our barristers are well respected in their profession and are dedicated to providing both corporate and individual clients with clear, practical advice. They possess particular expertise in the following areas:

  • Commercial litigation

  • Real and personal property

  • Landlord and tenant

  • Wills and probate

  • Insolvency

  • Defamation 

  • Contract law

  • Company law and partnerships 

  • Insurance law

  • Construction law

  • Trusts, tax and non-contentious drafting

  • Mortgages

  • Professional negligence, including solicitors’ negligence 

  • Intellectual property law, including breach of confidence and passing off

  • Civil procedure and costs

Our Business and Property barristers frequently appear in all levels of tribunal: from the County Court to the Supreme Court. Our barristers travel nationwide and are happy to attend conferences in solicitors’ offices, by telephone, video-link, or in our newly refurbished conference rooms in Chambers. 

Cobden House barristers offer a wide range of experience: from those of over 30 years’ call to more recently qualified junior barristers. Individual barristers retain particular specialities and areas of interest, as to which please see their individual profiles or ask our clerks to recommend a barrister with particular expertise. 

We have invested heavily in IT and have the ability to conduct conferences, hearings, mediations and joint settlement meetings remotely where necessary. We embrace paperless working wherever possible.

Some of our Business and Property barristers accept Direct Public Access instructions. All offer seminars and workshops for solicitors, speaking on a wide range of subjects. Again, please ask our clerks for more details. 

Our clerks will happily provide you with an estimate or quote, no matter how complex your query

Please contact one of our Designated Business and Property Clerks for further information:-

Steven Tobias -  Senior Civil Clerk / Deputy Director of Clerking

Christina Crook - Senior Clerk for Business and Property

Mitchell Bibby -      Business and Property Clerk

Barristers in our Business and Property Department:

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