The members of Cobden House Chambers specialise in many different areas of work which are detailed in their individual profiles on our website:

All services provided by Cobden house chambers and the individual members is regulated by the Bar Standards Board.

The main departments within Cobden House are:

  • Personal Injury / Clinical Negligence

  • Criminal / Regulatory

  • Business and Property

  • Family

Our services include advocacy, drafting and providing advice in writing or in conference.

We receive instructions from solicitors, licensed professionals and members of the public. 

Please contact our clerks to instruct counsel by telephoning: 0161 833 6000 or by email: [email protected]

Further details of our clerking team can be found here:

Upon request the clerks can provide fee estimates and discuss the services we provide.


Our fees are based upon the following methods:

1. fixed agreed fees;

2. hourly rates;

3. prescribed by legislation such as criminal graduated fees and legal aid rates.

Counsel are prepared to consider accepting cases on a conditional fee basis.

Expenses for travel or accommodation may also be charged. These will be discussed in advanced by the clerks.


Fixed fees are fees agreed in advance and are calculated by reference to the likely time counsel will be engaged. Where it is envisaged that the work required would exceed the fee quoted in advance, the clerks will inform the person quoted as soon as practicable.


The fees charged will be based upon a fixed hourly rate which will be quoted and the final fee will be based upon the time spent. Different barristers charge different hourly rates based upon a number of factors which includes, but is not limited to, the area of work, the complexity and counsels' seniority.


The fees for these types of matters are based upon fees fixed by legislation. The types of cases this applies to includes, but is not limited to:

Criminal Graduated Fee

Civil Legal Aid

Family Legal Aid


All members and pupils at Cobden house chambers are registered for VAT and therefore VAT must be added to all fees and expenses.


In certain types of cases, a public access client may be eligible for Legal Aid.

Barristers cannot accept instructions on the Public Access scheme if an application for Legal Aid is likely to be required.

Details about eligibility for Legal Aid can be found here:


Timescales for a case can be discussed with the clerks. If there is likely to be a delay for returning work the clerks will notify you as soon as practicable.


Details about the Bar Standards Board Public Access Rules can be found here:

When instructing a barrister at Cobden House Chambers under the BSB Public Access Scheme the clerks can discuss fee estimates in advance. Our fees will be provided as an hourly rate - which generally ranges between £100+VAT per hour and £500+VAT per hour – or a fixed fee which will be discussed in advance.

If you chose to instruct one of our barristers you will be sent a contract to consider in advance which will explain the work a barrister can and cannot do and detail the likely charges.


Barristers in Cobden House Chambers are regulated by the Bar Standards Board.

Information regarding our complaints procedure and your right to complain to the Legal Ombudsman can be found here:

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