Inquest Team

The Inquest Team at Cobden House have extensive experience and provide a comprehensive service in this area.

We regularly provide advice and representation for Interested Parties involved in the events surrounding a death in the run up to and at an Inquest.  The Interested Parties include the family of the deceased, healthcare providers, prisons and  their insurers. We also represent the professionals involved in the care or custody of the deceased individual. These include doctors, nurses, paramedics and other healthcare professionals as well as custody officers and others involved in the death of a person in care or in detention.

Members provide advice and preparation for individuals and organisations in the run up to the inquest as well as representation at the hearing. Representation is provided across England and Wales and in all types of Inquest including those dealing with deaths following RTAs and accidents at work to deaths caused by medical or nursing errors and deaths in custody in which Art 2 ECHR is invoked. 

The Members of the Team Are:

Richard A. Hartley QC
Marc Willems QC
John Broadley
Martin Littler
Timothy Willitts
Julian Orr
David Sandiford
Anthony Mazzag
Martin Callery
Michael Jones
Michael Knowles
Jamie Marriott
Nicholas Flanagan
Stefanie Cochrane
Ian McCubbin
Katherine Ballinger
Chloe Murray

To book counsel or for more information please contact the Civil clerks.