Craig MacGregor   

Year of Call: 1999
Practice areas:
  • Crime


Craig MacGregor works mostly in general crime with a speciality in organised crime, violence and drugs. That work has expended to encompass fraud and proceeds of crime cases. Recently human trafficking and modern slavery, especially into the sex industry, has become a large part of his defence work.

Mr MacGregor was a criminal defence solicitor before joining Cobden House in 2009. Prior to joining he had an extensive serious crime defence practice, defending some of the most high profile and well known criminal names across England. He worked as a solicitor for both Tuckers and Keith Dyson and Co.

Since joining Cobden House he has continued to defend in the most serious cases and also now prosecutes.

He has acted as independent counsel to the IPCC on the Hillsborough case and its aftermath (Operation Resolve), for the National Crime Agency and on many operations for Lancashire Police and HMRC.


  • Organised Crime Violence and Drugs

  • Road Traffic Law – A small but very important part of his practice. He is instructed by the most well known and highly regarded solicitor’s firm in England. He has acted for celebrities, sports stars and high net worth individuals.

  • Dangerous Dogs – Mr MacGregor has worked extensively for Dog charities and private clients in defending dogs under DDA legislation, few are more experienced. He has also been instructed to advise the police in relation to DDA law.

Notable Cases

R v M prosecuting a fraud where the defendant said she had just had a baby to try an avoid an immediate custodial sentence - it was later found she had not given birth and had lied”

R v G defending what was initially a rape case on a 13 yearly female, Plea reduced to sexual activity with a child. After representation D received a suspended sentence

R v O - Minshull Street, defending in a case of attempted rape and sexual abuse of a young female and the physical abuse of a boy

R v PH - Manchester Crown Square, defending in a case where a trader in “dodgy” cigarettes was “taxed” in his home

R v C - Manchester Crown, defending murder by of wife by husband (led by Louise Blackwell QC)

R v B - Minshull Street, defending 24 year old woman accused of sexual assault of a 13 year old girl

R v D & S - Leeds, defending Boxing Day murder (led by Abbas Lakha QC)

R v W – Bradford Crown Court. Defending the head of an organised crime group (OCG) who was found in possession of a large quantity of heroin and crack cocaine and who had a sophisticated pressing plant in ‘his’ property.

R v D – Manchester Minshull Street – Defending D who was part of a cannabis growing and wholesaling operation where the police were feeding information to the group.

R v S – Manchester Crown Square – Defending member of Albanian cannabis OCG who were growing “industrial quantities” of the drug.

R v O – Manchester – Modern slavery. Trafficking young women from Hungary to UK who were then exploited as sex workers in the UK.

R v A and S – Preston – Prosecuting a large scale operation by Home Office / Police into the trafficking people into the UK from Pakistan / Afghanistan, getting them false identities before moving them on to other EU countries.

R v S – Bolton – Defending in a coercive control rape case where the the issue was ‘real’ consent not mere acquiescence.

R v D – Manchester - Ex-soldier accused of rape by girlfriend’s daughter.

R v X – Manchester – convicted murderer, released on licence, accused of s.18 wounding, feuding between families.

R v J – Manchester – D accused of stabbing a friend of his girlfriend in the head numerous times in a jealous rage.

R v Y – Manchester – Vulnerable 14 year old daughter of a sex worker stabs mother’s client.

R v S – Liverpool – Defending one of the 19 defendants on Operation Erasure, one of the largest UK ‘carousel’ frauds ever seen, and the only one of the 19 to be acquitted.

R v C [2016] EWCA Crim 52: Murder. Whether police investigation was tainted, oppression of witnesses and previous misconduct of officers.

R v B [2008] EWCA Crim 2558: Murder. Tariff adjustment for help to the authorities.



  • Member of Criminal Bar Association

  • Elected to the Northern Circuit

Personal Information

A former BBC TV staff producer / director (as well as Sky Sports). He has contributed to everything from the World Cup Finals (football), 6 Nations (rugby), Formula 1, Match of the Day, Question of Sport (in the good old days of Botham and Beaumont), Test Match Cricket, Wimbledon and many more. He even had a small part in a film where he played an American marine who got to arrest the actor Harvey Keitel.

Member of the National Theatre, CAMRA and Cycling UK. Former Chairman of Uppermill Football Club, Saddleworth Round Table and organiser of Saddleworth Beer Walk. Keen ex-rugby player and has been referred to as the ‘cat’, after his goal keeping exploits in the barristers v clerks football match.

In short bicycles, beer and whippets, although not necessarily in that order.

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