Martin Littler

Year of Call: 1989
Practice areas:
  • Personal Injury
  • Professional Negligence


Martin Littler is a busy Civil Practitioner and splits his time between a volume paper and Court practice. Martin specialises in personal injury and the majority of his work is based upon Employers' Liability claims and Road Traffic accidents dealing with cases of the utmost severity involving Spinal Injury claims. 

Martin has considerable experience dealing with claims arising out of motorcycle accidents. 

Martin has developed a niche practice dealing with low velocity impact and fraud claims arising out of road traffic accident claims.  Martin also deals with cases involving allegation of fraud arising out of personal injury.

Recently, Martin represented the Claimant, a Nurse, in Egan v Central Manchester and Manchester Children's University Hospitals NHS Trust [2008] EWCA Civ 1424; [2008] WLR (D) 394, an important authority on Manual Handling Regulations.

He has worked closely with Richard Hartley QC with regard to a number of brain injury claims.

In addition to his Personal Injury and Professional Negligence practice Martin is also very experienced in Housing Disrepair claims.

Martin has provided numerous seminars on topics as diverse as Employers Liability, Quantification of Claims, Fraud in Civil Litigation and Brain Injury Litigation and is keen to deliver bespoke seminars for solicitors when convenient for all parties.


Whilst Martin has advised in Professional Negligence Claims in a general sense, Martin’s particular expertise is with regard to Professional Negligence Claims against Solicitors who have negligently managed Personal Injury Claims. With the introduction of the Jackson Reforms, the conventional wisdom is that there will be a definite increase in the number of claims which are under-valued or mismanaged.
Martin is currently involved in numerous Professional Negligence Claims against Solicitors where potential damages exceed many millions of pounds. For obvious reasons, no further details of that work – and in particular the solicitors involved – are mentioned.
Martin believes that there is a rich seam of Professional Negligence Claims arising out of mismanagement of Personal Injury Claims. Whether those claims involve:

  • Strike out

  • Limitation issues

  • Under-valuation of claims with the new, robust (and some would say Draconian) impact of the Jackson Reforms, many more solicitors may find themselves at the wrong end of Applications for Relief from Sanction.

This is a burgeoning area of work and particular emphasis is placed upon the development of this area of practice and the training of solicitors in order that they can better identify cases where negligence has led to loss.
This is very much a niche area; the correct quantification of the Professional Negligence Claim depends upon the likely value of the Personal Injury Claim as at the notional Trial date; this is a challenging task which is the province of those experienced in (often high level) personal injury work.

Martin's particular interests are in more complex personal injury claims including Brain Injury cases.



  • Personal Injuries Bar Association

Personal Information

Martin enjoys writing, sailing, attending Haslingden Cricket Club and relaxing with his Family.

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