Stuart Neale

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  • Crime
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      Stuart was one of the founding members of Cobden House Chambers and has made a welcome return to independent practice at Cobden House after holding the appointment of Director of Prosecutions of the Isle of Man for 6 years from 2009 until 2014.

      Stuart has wide and varied experience dealing with cases of utmost severity such as Murder, Rape (and all other sexual offences), Robbery, Firearms, Arson, Possession and Supply of Class A Drugs. Stuart’s Isle of Man experience exposed him to unusual types of work including a case of electoral fraud which was of national interest. He also dealt with many cases involving death and serious injury by driving. He was responsible for overseeing the introduction of The Proceeds of Crime Act into the Isle of Man and has an unparalleled experience in Proceeds of Crime issues involving money laundering offences and forfeiture applications. Stuart also has considerable experience in regulatory work, in particular Health and Safety prosecutions, but also has experience of Planning, Environmental and Financial Regulation matters.

      Because the Isle of Man is a separate jurisdiction Stuart has wide experience in cross border issues including Letters of Request; international warrants; anti-money laundering provisions and child abduction.

      In fraud cases involving heavy documentation, Stuart is adept at being on top of the paperwork and presenting it in an easily understood way. Stuart has extensive word processing skills allowing him to produce written work and case presentation of the highest quality.

      Stuart’s practice is almost equally divided between prosecuting and defending. He brings with him an easy manner that puts clients, police officers and witnesses from all social and ethnic backgrounds at their ease so allowing them to act positively in what can be a frightening and alien environment.