Cobden House Chambers Battles It Out for Day One Trauma Support!

The Cobden House Chambers football team took to the pitch on Sunday for a competitive charity match against Stephensons Solicitors and Express Solicitors. In a spirited and fun-filled game, the teams battled it out for a worthy cause: Day One Trauma Support.

While Stephensons emerged victorious this year, claiming the championship trophy, the true winners are undoubtedly Day One Trauma Support. The event proved to be a resounding success, raising a fantastic £428 for the charity, with donations still pouring in. This impressive sum far exceeds the team's initial fundraising goal.

Cobden House Chambers extends their gratitude to everyone who came out to cheer them on and generously donated to the cause. Their unwavering support played a vital role in making the event such a success. They also offer a special shout-out to Colin Harrison, whose tireless efforts in organizing this fantastic tournament deserve praise.

Despite falling short of the championship title, Cobden House Chambers team remains in high spirits. They are already looking ahead to next year, determined to reclaim their title.

This charity match perfectly exemplifies the power of sports to unite people for a good cause. The competitive spirit on the field was matched by the generosity of the supporters, ultimately benefiting Day One Trauma Support and the vital work they do.

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