Cobden House Supporting PPE Production Crowdfunding

As we are all aware with the current pandemic of Covid-19, there is a real risk of running out of the necessary equipment in order to try and keep people safe.

Opus Engineering were contacted by The Christie to make important parts for healthcare visors. They are essential PPE for all Hospitals, including The Christie.

So, we as a Family have funded 4 x 3D printers to do the job and Opus Engineering are running the production side. It is my Family Business and this project means a lot to me.

But we need the raw materials to make them. We're already producing them and hope to be making a substantial amount over and after Easter.

The masks are donated free of any charges to The Christie Hospital, NHS and local healthcare workers. 

Opus are crowdfunding to cover costs of the raw material used in the printers and the plastic face shield material:


Please donate anything you can, every penny counts and all the visors are going to Manchester Area Hospitals to help protect our NHS staff on the front line.

Louise Blackwell QC 

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