Philip Simms Instructed as Counsel to the Inquest into the Death of Katelyn Dawson.

Philip Simms, instructed as counsel to the inquest by HM's Senior Coroner for West Yorkshire Mr Martin Fleming, has recently concluded the inquest touching upon the death of Katelyn Louise Dawson.  Katelyn came by her death on 10 January 2018 when she was hit by a car whilst waiting for a bus to school.  She tragically passed away in hospital later that day. 

After a police investigation, the thoroughness of which was contested by Katelyn's family, the Crown Prosecution Service declined to prosecute the driver. 

The inquest was heard over seven days.  Evidence was heard from several eyewitnesses, treating physicians, accident reconstruction experts, a Consultant Neurologist, and a Consultant Respiratory Physician. 

Mr Fleming concluded that it was more likely than not that the driver suffered a temporary loss of consciousness as a result of a vasovagal syncope whilst at the wheel and so could not have avoided the collision. 

A narrative conclusion was given in this extremely sad case. 

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